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Amy Croft
A Longing for Justice
Amy Croft, author
Amy Croft writes about her complicated childhood and fraught adulthood to bring to life the cultural chains operating in all aspects of the patriarchal society. She understands the pressures on women having worked in social services for the majority of her working life, and hopes that her story will encourage women to find their way out of outmoded patriarchal arenas and move toward a more matriarchal vision.
In this compendium of heartbreak, trauma, and triumph, Croft shares her personal story of the long-term effects of living in a patriarchal society. Her pain is searing, and her memoir impactful, a vital contribution to a worldwide discussion of the impacts of misogyny. She seeks to encourage more of such storytelling, arguing that women’s experience must be heard and studied as a distinctive form of expression that can help the world face the harm that so many women have endured throughout history and into the present. “Fighting for justice is better than longing for it,” she declares in a preface, and the book that follows stands as a testament to Croft’s strength and endurance.

Crafted to show readers what many women face each day, Croft's debut focuses on her own life and her experiences of motherhood, religious constructs, and society as a whole, including incidents of assault and trauma. While she takes on patriarchy—which she defines as “male control and domination over everyone else”—she makes it clear that she’s not anti-men, and in fact is sympathetic to the ways that men, too, have been harmed by a patriarchal society. Croft shares some life circumstances that are rather unique, but her portrait of these difficulties will draw readers in, leaving them with greater compassion and empathy while stirring awe at her resiliency.

Readers interested in feminist theory and calls for systemic change will enjoy Croft’s viewpoints on the current status of our society, and her hopes for a brighter future will inspire those looking for reformation. Though she does not claim to be a scholar or a renowned voice, this work persuasively projects her experiences and beliefs into the world, serving as an exemplar of the kind of change she wants to manifest. It’s her conviction that it is time for women’s stories to be heard and understood. This is a pained, eye-opening read appropriate for adults looking for change.

Takeaway: A story of trauma and resilience that urges women to share their experiences of living within a patriarchal society.

Great for fans of: Stephanie Land’s Maid, Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero.

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