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richard holmberg
A Passport to God

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

A montage of one hundred ninety-six parables and fables, written during “automatic writing” sessions. The collection of flash stories gives hope and insight to all who question God’s presence. The series of stories portrays how life and living are two separate ideas. This book explains a life with or without God by our side. The stories provoke inner development and are perfect icebreakers for pastors, family gatherings, and social groups. Quotes from the Old and New Testaments reinforce many of the stories and are great drop-off points for reflection or a gateway to the Bible.

Unique book covering many controversial topics. Short stories filled with valuable life lessons and directions to consider. A great tool for believers to share with others, it is a gateway to the bible. Each story is very different from the next and there are many twist and turns that keep your interest all the way to the end.
The author's bio is also very unusual and interesting, I give it a top rating.

Available in print and now as an Ebook

This week the manufacturer finally converted the book to electronic format and released it. Amazon has a Kindle version, B&N the NOOK Book format, and lehmanns media the EPUB format.