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C.M. Harris
A Penny in My Pocket
C.M. Harris, author
You don't need to have a lot to help those who don't have much, and little Stevie learns just that. "A Penny In My Pocket, is a clever look at money, financing, and making hard decisions on what is more important to purchase." A trip to the grocery store teaches little Stevie that not only do we not always get to buy everything we want but that money can be used in many ways, even to help others! When Stevie sees someone in need, what will he choose to do? A Penny in my Pocket is a beautifully illustrated children's concept book discussing the difference between needing and wanting something. Stevie and Mommy have a candid and even a bit silly discussion during their adored time spent together on the weekly shopping trip as Stevie learns that money is earned. Mommy teaches why we have money and that it is used in different ways. Hearing "NO" won't be fun to hear, but Stevie learns a valuable lesson from what he finds in his pocket.