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A Preamble to Depravity
A Viennese inspector, Alexander Von Purzeus, is sent to investigate a series of frenzied killings, amid, utter savagery. Only then will his beloved sister and, surely, victim of one of his own sordid suprasensual parties, be defrosted from her cryogenic state.
Janet Ruth, HUGEOrange

Having debauched one too many (willing) ladies, Austrian Imperial Officer Alexander Von Purzeus is banished to solve a rash of murders in a small, country town.  Arriving in his new town, he is reassured the residence given him at least has an inside bathroom. But he’s rather flummoxed that he, and many other townspeople, have lion heads upon their shoulders instead of their own human head. It seems that the Löwenkopfen Project, largely ignored by Vienna authorities and outsiders, consists of roughly half humans and half Löwenkopfen, or lion-headed beings.  In Kutna Hora, there is an atmosphere of savagery barely held in check and a casual violence towards underlings. 

Experience the elegantly-detailed, savage world of Kutna Hora as told by the charming, carefree officer.  However, when Alexander decides to leave and reunite with the frozen sister he left behind (yes, frozen), he finds he cannot.  This is a novel unlike anything else you’ve read. It will keep you absorbed in the machinations of the characters and fantastic details of life in the strange town and beyond. 

The bizarre people and customs, their beliefs, and desires, the evolution of life itself, make up a visceral, yet intellectual ride you’ll savor.’