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A Rational Man
J S Hollis, author
Sebastian Stanhope is playing chess at school while millions watch his father cut his mothers throat. Why would Cecil Stanhope, who aspires to be Prime Minister and is a loving husband and father, kill his wife? In a near-future society without privacy, where everyone can watch everything through the omnipresent “W”, Sebastian seeks resolution for his father’s crime. a rational man is the fascinating story of a young adult trying to find his identity in a world ruled by public opinion and in which each action or inaction provokes comment. As social media, governments and corporations delve deeper into our personal lives, a rational man demonstrates how it is not the state or big business that we have to fear, but each other.
Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

A Rational Man by J S Hollis is a wonderful blend of science fiction and dystopia, a tale with originality that features compelling characters involved in a powerful conflict against a disturbing futuristic backdrop. While Sebastian Stanhope plays chess in school, the world is watching as his father slaughters his mother. A man who wants to run for Prime Minister has just murdered his wife and the deed is watched by millions, thanks to omnipresent “W,” a technology that robs everyone of the right to privacy. But it is how the young Sebastian takes the news that will surprise readers. 

The plot starts with explosive news. Thus begins a story that explores the power of social media of the individual and the challenges that people face when they want to find sanity in a world controlled by public opinion. The dystopian setting is wonderfully developed and readers are thrust into a world they hardly recognize but one that feels so real. A Rational Man might be set in the future and may deal with realities and events that aren’t relevant to our time, but in the heart of the narrative is a prophetic message of a world we could be creating if we don’t pay attention to our rationality. The characters are real and the social phenomena so beautifully developed that readers feel as though they are part of that world. J S Hollis creates a dystopian world and shows readers the dangers to which our social media tendencies can lead. A Rational Man is deft, balanced, and hugely exhilarating.