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A River in My Heart

"A River in My Heart" is a captivating collection of poetry that flows through the tributaries of human experience, offering glimpses into the ever-changing currents of emotion, memory, and reflection. Each poem serves as a tributary, contributing to the rich tapestry of themes that run through the collection.

The journey begins with "To the Beauty of Creativity," an ode to the transformative power of artistic expression, setting the stage for a profound exploration of the human spirit. From the contemplation of optimism and pessimism in "Optimism and Pessimism" to the stark beauty of "A Maple Tree in the Winter," the poet navigates the ebbs and flows of life with grace and insight.

As the collection meanders through the landscape of the human condition, themes of introspection, societal critique, and existential inquiry emerge. "The Waiting" captures the poignant longing for connection and understanding, while "The Glittering Waves" reflects on the allure of urban landscapes and the passage of time.

Throughout the collection, the poet's voice resonates with authenticity and vulnerability, inviting readers to journey alongside them as they navigate the complexities of existence. "A Love Letter to Self" celebrates the importance of self-compassion and acceptance, while "The River of Time" serves as a metaphor for life's inexorable march forward.

At its core, "A River in My Heart" is a testament to the enduring power of poetry to illuminate the human experience. Through its evocative imagery and lyrical prose, this collection invites readers to dive deep into the depths of emotion and reflection, emerging with a renewed sense of connection to the world around them.

Readers' favorite

Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers' Favorite-Five Star

When I read A River in My Heart, a collection of 71 poems by Vikas Parihar, I immediately realized what’s been missing from my reading choices for several decades now. What a superb pleasure to discover not only a prolific poet but an excellent one. A River in My Heart is a beautiful celebration of life; our own, and that of the world around us. Does Parihar inundate us with those usual, same-old descriptions of scenery, or drown us in forlorn reflections of a poet lonely for acceptance or recognition of his talents? Not at all. Instead, his subjects are often unexpected and, in fact, far removed from the usual poetry topics. For instance, have you come across other poets who can, in 6-8 verses, transform the activity and functions of scientific elements like photons, neutrons, protons, and electrons into poetry, e.g. “In the fiery cores of stars/where fusion ignites/Protons meld together/in brilliant lights.” WOW!

Elsewhere, Parihar pays tribute to a maple tree, not just for its beauty but because it can teach us “to stand tall in the coldest hour” so that within ourselves we can find the strength “to weather life’s decree.” Parihar plays the strings of our hearts as he writes of a violinist who committed suicide, a pianist who died while playing the piano in a concert hall, and the common man who spends his days running around in loops of thinking and doing. He writes poems in tribute to places like Michigan, Manhattan, and Chicago, asks readers why water evaporates, and urges us to consider the stillness of a dewdrop that “hangs suspended/a world unto itself.” Such beautiful imagery! One of the most descriptively evocative poems, and one of my favorites (I have too many to mention), is “The Fireflies” which “dance like stars fallen from eaves.” Oh, to have a camera to capture them as they “weave through the branches.” The poems in A River in My Heart are so wonderful. Fans of rhyming poetry will love this collection and marvel at Parihar’s skill with both rhythm and rhyme. But it’s also the variety of subjects this poet addresses through poetry that make this book exceptional. How does Parihar write poems so easy to read yet with messages so deep that every verse is filled with lines you want to highlight? If you’re a poetry lover, Vikas Parihar is a poet you need to discover. Then grab your highlighter.