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Tammy Andresen
A Romp with a Rogue
He’s no Prince Charming. Lord Rushton Smith is as rough as he is hard. His only wish is to leave London and the ton behind. He just wants to live a simple life of mind numbing work away from family and the crime that has shaped him into this beast of a man. But one small favor is burning down his dreams one by one and threatening to reshape his entire life. Can a criminal be her hero? Trapped into an engagement with her distant cousin and new guardian, Lady Abigail Wentworth has no idea how she’ll survive the future that lays before her. That is until the rogue, Lord Rushton Smith charges into her life and carries her away. Literally. When she faints, he just picks her up and loads her into his carriage. But her guardian, Baron Westphal wants her back. Lord Rushton Smith is all that stands between her and a dark future. Can he hold back the tide and deliver her from the storm? And what of the attraction that crackles between them? Will it be her saving grace, or has it lit a fire sure to burn them both to the ground?