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Harvey Havel
A Rumination on the Role of Love During A Condition of Extreme Conservatism and Extreme Liberalism: A Political Essay
Harvey Havel, author
A non-fiction political essay that stresses the importance of using the ancient political philosophies of love, as pondered by Plato, and how these absolutes of love, as he describes them, ought to be used in our most pressing and current political position of addressing the dangerous American condition of ideological polarization between extreme conservatism and extreme liberalism. Written in 2019 just before a predictably turbulent election period, this essay explores love's valuable application by leaders such as Gandhi. MLK, Jr., and Einstein to our most dangerously political times in America's short history. The essay also makes a strong argument for love's application in all aspects of political science and political theory, despite the narrow criteria that are allowed for each. This essay mainly appeals to those interested in Western European politics, political scientists, as well as political and public choice theorists.