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Blair Sorrel
A Schizoid at Smith
Blair Sorrel, author
WHEN STRIVERS SPAWN SLACKERS. Strange as it may seem, some status seeking parents actually sabotage their children's chance of success. Early disparagement imprints lifelong low self-esteem, a social phobia impairing concentration along with a stultifying dread of authority figures. An overall shoddy rearing style that ensures educational and professional disappointment nowhere near approximating those lofty aspirations. Genius or genes don't factor so much as the fundamental influence of competent, caring guardians. "A Schizoid at Smith: How Overparenting Leads to Underachieving" is a breakthrough female narrative instilling greater understanding and possible prevention of this cryptic condition. The memoir is set mostly in the 60s, the heyday of classic rock; icons appear as bit players providing the protagonist's saving grace. Share this Seven Sister's struggle through humor, hope, and all that stellar music, her "special friend." Read on and perhaps you will also emerge a better person.