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Sam Lutton
A Season in Picardy
Sam Lutton, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

In the summer of 1918 Margaret Jerome boards an ocean liner turned troopship and sails to wartime France. She intends to claim the remains of her fraternal twin for burial in the family plot. Robert Butler is a Medical Corps surgeon posted to the American Expeditionary Forces. They meet but Margaret, devastated by the loss of her twin brother, suppresses nascent romantic feelings and rebuffs his cautious advances. In Paris, unexpected discoveries about her brother’s life, including the mystery behind the unsolved murder of a decorated French officer, confront Margaret with a personal dilemma. Meanwhile, Robert’s experiences as a frontline Army surgeon reveal more about himself than he wishes to discover. Despite all that is happening in their lives, they exchange letters and agree to meet should he get leave from his duties. Read more at