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Ludmila Ritz
A Single Desperate Prayer
Ludmila Ritz, author

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

More than a memoir, A Single Desperate Prayer is a riveting account of one resilient girl’s life in a Crimean Ghetto, replete with equal amounts of tragedy and triumph. Told through the eyes of a child, the reader witnesses Ludmila’s growth and maturation as she starts from practically nothing, learns how to beg in the streets, loses all of what little she had, is left to the wolves, and then saved by grace - all before her fifteenth birthday. Witness the miracles that her single prayer brought to life. Without being preachy - because children certainly aren’t - Ludmila lets you see what happens when you open yourself up to the power of faith. You’ll be on the edge of your seat; you’ll laugh; you’ll cry. You’ll get angry at the injustice, and you’ll champion our heroine. You can’t help but love and celebrate Ludmila as she learns how the forces of good work in a world that seems totally dark, and how a heart transformed can withstand anything. How hopeless can a child get? Ludmila got there. How did she escape her condition? A single desperate prayer. Ludmila had to wait a considerable time for her prayer to be answered. The underlying beauty of her story lies in what she did while she waited. This gripping story appeals to a wide audience, from children to adults, from adoptive parents to those considering it. People who’ve been orphaned, or lost, or are looking for a way out. Those who need inspiration, and are searching for a practical way to find happiness and purpose in life. This page - turning story is sure to enrich every reader’s life with its powerful message of determination and hope.

"A Single Desperate Prayer" by Ludmila Ritz unfolds the poignant narrative of Ludmila, a street-smart, 10-year-old girl navigating the harsh realities of 1990s Ukraine. Living in poverty with her younger sister Alyona and their troubled mother, Ludmila's life takes a tumultuous turn when the menacing Victor enters their fragile family and sets everything into chaos.

As their mother grapples with addiction, Ludmila assumes the role of protector, scavenging the impoverished city streets and abandoned buildings to ensure their survival. The narrative delves into Ludmila's determination to reunite with Alyona after social services separate them, leading her to make difficult choices for their well-being. Grab a copy for a thrilling story!

I love the narrative and how unique it is. One of the supporting characters I took note of was Ludmila's aunt. She provided intermittent refuge to Ludmila, constantly adding contrasting layers to the narrative with her own turbulent home life. Key scenes, such as Ludmila's initial search for sustenance and the heart-wrenching separation from Alyona, highlight her resilience and vulnerability, making her a character I constantly empathized with and rooted for.

The setting was well done as well, portraying the harsh realities of 1990s Ukraine—cramped communal apartments, thin walls, and government-run orphanages, which always complemented the overall theme and provided a good backdrop for Ludmila's tumultuous journey. The narrative skillfully weaves together intricate relationships, memorable scenes, and the challenging societal context, creating a powerful and immersive exploration of Ludmila's quest for survival, family, and hope.

Overall, the book is well-written, and the narrative is intriguing and captivating. I don't see anything to criticize about the book, except for several times when the narrative became quite prolonged and jarring. I guess it's because I read this book just after reading another one with a very fast pace, so that's what I was still accustomed to. I rate the book 5 out of 5 stars for the above reasons. I found no errors, and the editing quality is excellent. I highly recommend the book if you're looking for something amazing to read.