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Golden November
A Song Was Playing I Never Heard It Like That

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

hen Octo gets a phone call at 3 AM for a work assignment, he ends up working with Sparkle. Their adventure is about to begin by looking for a briefcase they were assigned to recover. Get ready for a page-turner with the nonstop action and witty dialogue in this novel that you won’t be able to put down or figure out what will happen next.
Reviewed by Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed by Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite

Foregoing traditional reading and instead acting out the parts presented is the signature style of Golden November's writing. This is employed once again in the next and wildly entertaining installment of The Milestoneville Book Series, A Song Was Playing: I Never Heard It Like That. Where screenplays are usually adaptations of books and short stories that are littered with scene direction and lengthy column notes, November streamlines the experience with the skill of a seasoned director. Gone are all of the aforementioned and in their place are color photographs, some of which the author's fanbase will recognize as staples across the series. There are voices both familiar and new, some who we know will stay, and others who are just passing through.

A Song Was Playing ranks among the top three books in Golden November's catalog. I have my favorite characters and Sparkle is one of them. She is a standout in this particular novel and while my wife has a tendency to play her part, given my baritone voice I filled in as Octo and put it to use by singing: “A song was playing — I never heard it like that!” Given that this is the title of the whole darn book, I would consider it a win. Those in the room who were subjected to my singing were less inclined to describe it as such, however. I like the way the author pulls components from one book to the next because it genuinely lets their regular readers feel as if they know the characters. There's growth that evolves with each subsequent installment. I'm waiting for the next release and when it comes I will be quoting JBT on it: “I get first grabs.”