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Christopher Mari
A Sudden Absence
Each morning since Lee Carter’s young wife, Frankie Buonasera, died on 9/11, he’s woken up expecting things that aren’t there—and knowing exactly what he lost. Two and a half years since her death, however, his life has moved in a decidedly surreal direction: the appearance of a packet of letters in a safe-deposit box he never knew existed; calendars that have their days listed out of order; traffic lights that are suddenly upside down. And now, buildings and bridges appearing all across New York City where they hadn’t been just days before. Most disquieting of all is the fact that everyone around him believes these things to have always existed, just as they are. Lee fears he is the only one in the world aware of these changes until he encounters Sloane Ambrose, an observant art student who is also able to perceive the ever-altering aspects of their daily reality. Now the duo find themselves relentlessly pursued as they set out to uncover the truth behind these terrifying shifts, which have forced them to reevaluate the very nature of reality itself.