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Mariana Llanos
A Superpower For Me
What happens when a young girl discovers her parents have a superpower? Wait! There's more: She'll have it too when she turns eighteen! But... what is this special power that will make her country and city a better place to live? Read this fun and imaginative story and guess what makes grownups super-special! A superpower for me is a book to talk about government and civics in the classroom or at home. A nonfiction section follows the story, with interesting facts about American government. Daria Tarawneh's dreamy and lively illustrations turn an ordinary kitchen into a colorful explosion of imagination. Mariana Llanos light prose and ability to see--even complicated adult issues--through the eyes of a child, make of this a winning story that might empower young leaders and help create civic consciousness.
A conscientious mother informs her daughter that she has a secret superpower, and that when her daughter turns 18, she will gain the power, too. Like any child getting this news, the girl is thrilled. “Wow, can you fly?” she asks, imagining her mother dressed as a bumblebee superhero, before considering her own possible powers: “Will I be able to shoot ice out of my hands? Or turn plants into flying monkeys?” Finally, her mother explains that at age 18, both her daughter and her friends will gain the power to cast a ballot: “Your vote will give you a voice. It will make our government listen to you.” Tarawneh’s graceful figures have the molded look of papier mâché puppets, while idiosyncratic details enliven the story: picturing herself as president, the girl envisions a cotton candy machine in the oval office. The tender family dynamic and charming illustrations keep Llanos’s story about voter empowerment from becoming pedantic (though some kids will probably still wish for ice beams and super speed). Closing pages offer background information on democracy, electoral votes, and other aspects of voting in America. Ages 4–8. (BookLife)