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Erik A. Otto
Author, Illustrator
A Toxic Ambition
Erik A. Otto, author
A Toxic Ambition is an action-packed young adult science fiction novel set in a socially fragmented future San Francisco. The world has descended into a morass of radioactivity and harsh climate shifts. The wealthy have escaped to rule from the protected Inworld; enormous, impenetrable domes that dominate urban skylines. Outworlders must live a life of serfdom catering to the Inworlders, unless salvation can be won through prowess in the Fuse games. Tristan is unmatched in his dedication to the games. With the help of his teammate Luisa, he is positioned to win his league, making his berth in the Inworld a foregone conclusion. But Luisa is plagued by the memories of her family who have perished. She rallies a group of outcast youths to challenge the idle authorities. Her activities threaten to shatter Tristan’s plans and embroil them all in a deadly revolution for which there is no turning back.
Kirkus Reviews

"…Like with 1984, The Hunger Games, and countless others, social commentary and plot are intrinsically woven together in Otto’s tale."

"...the book becomes a propulsive procedural, running headfirst into scenes of tension building action, driving the two worlds together towards their inevitable climactic conflict..."