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A Tribute To The Motherland
D Pasupuleti, author

A Tribute To The motherland" is about India's thousands of years of culture and traditions as a way of life which has forgotten by the Millennial with overindulgence of western materialism especially by the first and second generations of Indians in USA and abroad. They have lost in touch with their Indian roots and at the same time they lack the clarity of their heritage of vast cultural wisdom which was looked up on by famous people like Einstein, Mark Twain, Oppenheimer, Martin Luther King Jr, etc. This book is written to bring awareness about true Indian way of life because there is so much misinformation and willful distortion of facts by the western media including in their history books in schools. It was written as 108 names (mantras) India deserves and explanation for each and every name and why it is so! This book also promotes patriotism which brings unity and harmony among people.

By Tony Hopkins, West wood Books Publishing

Dr. P:


First of all, I am so glad that you were able to allow me to read your book- at no additional cost on my end. Secondly, I had a great time-off last week. Lastly, your book help me in moving forward to have a more positive outlook in life. Yes, that’s how powerful your book is. It made me more strong, and more forgiving.


In my own opinion:


Ø  Your book shouldn’t be only available to the great people of India, every book reader should read this book.

Ø  Your book is perfect for people who needs personal transformation,  and personal growth.

Ø  If I were a teacher, I could have used this as a teaching tool to my students.

Ø  Your book is well-researched, and without a doubt this will get its rightful place and honor.


I have now a favorite  line from your book, Dr. P.


Kshamaa- is a divine quality. It means “forgiveness” and “endure”

Ø  This is the very first time that I have encountered this word, but the way you wrote it, and the way you explained it- it gave me a gateway to be more openly to accept new learnings in life.


This book should be marketed well, and this book deserves the attention to all book readers. The way you write it means a lot to me, and I like so much! This is no longer your book, Dr. P. It is already owned by the people who believe in it. Thank you so much for helping me mold my life’s perspective.