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A Trip To London
When we want life to surprise us, life ends up surprising us. We may live our daily lives after daydreaming and think: “I wish I could live my dream.” And no matter how “insignificant” our life can be, we would feel “stuck” and “unable” to change it. Until, for some reason, we find the courage to “offer ourselves” the chance of being happy: an opportunity that only we can give ourselves. And we realise that each of us has our own fairy tale to live. That is what happened to Bea: a girl like many, simple, who had stopped dreaming because she was convinced of not being worthy enough. But something happened, and she got back in the game. Overwhelmed with fear, she finally summoned all the determination that belonged to her. She found the key to overcome her “socio-emotional” block. She began to live her life and every day became special. After she broke up with her boyfriend, who represented a landmark for her, she decided to move to another country and start a brand-new life. She meets new people, a new job, and a new life.