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Sana Khatri
A Twisted Belief
Sana Khatri, author

From International Bestselling author Sana Khatri comes the action-packed and fast-paced 1st installment in her High Fantasy duology, Twisted Duet.

Erabella Nicholas Evanstan is a young mistress of city Mercentha, and lives a sturdy life of complete royalty with her father, Supreme Nicholas Evanstan, her loving mother, Helena Evanstan, and her brother, Laxen.
Destiny hits everyone - whether common or Royal. Erabella's wonderful life takes a turn when an old enemy to her father walks into her life with an army of monsters.
King Ariestos-II wishes to avenge the death of his father, and will stop at nothing until he emerges victorious in his plans. The enemy is strong, and Erabella is the ground reason for his return. When her father reveals her importance in a sacred script, Erabella must give her all. In the journey of love, assassination, betrayal, and eradication, will Erabella be a slave to the Prophecy, or will she make history and become the true Heiress to her Goddess?