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Andrea K. Stein
A Wallflower Takes a Duke by Candlelight
Raised like a country mouse on the vast Montcliffe Abbey estate, Lady Wilhelmina Rumsford had never set foot in London until her father, Viscount Rumsford, decided she simply had to have a Season. It matters little to him that everyone in the ton knows his beloved daughter is the natural child of his footman. Left-handed Mina doesn’t know for certain the kindly footman who taught her how to lace up her boots is her real father. She can’t admit a truth that would hurt that much. And besides, she has her hands full with the Duke of Montfort’s attempts to keep her “out of trouble.” Julian Jameson, Duke of Montfort, grew up best of friends with Mina's older brothers. They went to school together, caroused together, and tried to keep Mina out of trouble. That is, Julian tried to keep Mina out of trouble. A difficult task once she went to London where he had to make her understand which suitors to welcome and which ones to push away. Unfortunately, his list of "no's" far outweighed the "yes's," so she rejected all the marriage offers that came her way during her first and only Season. Despite Julian's best laid plans, his rakish friend, the Earl of Westfalia, becomes infatuated with Mina during a fateful snowbound sojourn at a country inn on their way to a Christmas House Party. Julian must keep her away from this most definite of “no’s”. The handsome earl’s attentions make Mina long for a love that sees beyond the circumstances of her parentage. However, she finally has to admit the real reason she rejected all those marriage offers. Her own heart was waiting for the offer she hoped would come, but never did. Now, it’s up to the guardian angels below stairs to make certain Mina gets her happily ever after...