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Keith Yocum
A Whisper Came
Keith Yocum, author
A WHISPER CAME is a psychological thriller involving a Boston Globe reporter, the quirky touristy-seafaring town of Chatham, MA, a lighthouse on Monomoy Island, a handsome charter boat captain, and a successful mystery writer. Oh, and there’s a body. It belongs to a young woman who is found floating gracefully in Nantucket Sound. No one knows who she is, where she came from, and why she’s wearing clothes that seem from another century. Our Boston Globe reporter sets out to cover the story and finds herself entranced — and then enmeshed — in a strange series of circumstances at the deserted lighthouse. Wildlife researchers at the lighthouse swear there is a benign ghost lurking around the keeper’s house. Our reporter thinks it’s hilarious. Until it’s not. A WHISPER CAME is a 70K psychological thriller set in Chatham on Cape Cod. It is an engrossing and thrilling beach read that even at Havud, they’d consume with a guilty, erudite pleasure. Keith Yocum’s bio: A long-time journalist and publishing executive, Keith has worked for the Boston Globe, New England Journal of Medicine, and several weekly newspapers around the Boston area. He lives in Chatham, MA.