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Pauline Rogers
Author, Contributor
A Wolf In Sheep Clothing
“A Wolf In Sheep Clothing” Pauline Rogers joined the Ansaru Allah Community (later becoming Nuwaubian Nation of Moors) at the tender age of 15 with the thought that she would be safe from the sins of the world by joining Godly people. While the people of the community were well-intentioned and made an effort to be positive, it was the leader who had serious mental issues and deviant sexual perversions. She was one of many “wives” of Imam Isa later known as Dr. Malachi Z. York. However, she was a virgin for York giving her innocence to him thinking that it would ensure a lifetime of love and security. She did not know at the time that York was a con artist and was the father of over 200 children. She herself gave birth to three children by Dr. Malachi Z. York, one of whom is currently deformed and has been on life support comatose for over twenty years. Pauline nearly starved as a result of very little food and many times no food to eat at all during the pregnancy with their third son. And during this pregnancy, York also put her and her toddler children out in the winter snow around midnight and sent them to an abandoned compound with no money, food or resources. In 2005, she had appeared on The Montel Williams Show sharing her life story and she was the first person to come forward to publically speak out for the over 135 molested children. In 2007, she wrote and copyrighted her memoir about York. Her story has been featured in The Macon Telegraph, The Eatonton Newspaper, Ungodly, and many others. This book not only provides details of her life with York but she delves into the mind of a sociopath. She teaches readers how to recognize various forms of sociopath behavior. She also provides tips for people who may be or have been victims of sociopaths like York and illustrates ways that people can heal and empower themselves of these “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.