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Alexander Fernandez
Above the Ashes

"Amidst themes of loss and vengeance, this enthralling tale promises to ensnare readers in its gripping narrative until the very last page, leaving them yearning for more." --Book Nerdection

Fleeing barbaric witch hunts in England, Sybil Cotterill sails to the British Colonies only to find herself trapped by another witch hysteria in Salem of 1692. Caught by a frenzied mob, Sybil’s witchcraft saves her from the noose; however, a gruesome man with mysterious powers defeats Sybil and confines her in a tomb for over 300 years. In modern times, a vampire named Marcelo discovers Sybil’s tomb and unwittingly releases the raging spell-caster. With centuries of pent-up vengeance, Sybil initiates a quest to destroy the descendants of those who murdered her fellow witches and tried to kill her. Marcelo attempts to quell Sybil’s wrath and protect the innocent descendants, yet his growing desire for the witch leaves him to question his motives as an undead blood-drinker. Confused, lonely, and troubled by the modern world, Sybil’s lust for revenge conflicts against her rising adoration for Marcelo. Will she commit murder to fulfill her need for retribution, or will love from an unlikely source free the witch from the darkness within her?