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Crystal Mary Lindsey
Author, Illustrator
Abuse Beaten
The woman in this story may sound like you. She married the man she loved. He married her for lust and control. She prayed for him to change. Yet the beatings continued until the eldest child reacted in fear. They were remembered so she appease him at all times. The Abuse control shifted now to verbal and emotional. Except when alone in their bedroom. Gradually she felt like - she was a nobody. She prayed to God for change. God didn’t change HIM, he changed HER. Her eyes were finally opened to the truth. Grieving, she left the marital home after suffering for thirty years. God took her on a journey of self-discovery. With Gods strength she forged a new life. With Gods Love she is now able to help others. By demonstrating SELF-HELP: Inspiration and Encouragement


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Vyleen White

5.0 out of 5 starsThe Abused will find Encouragement in this book!

January 18, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

I found as I journeyed through the pages of 'Abused' my heart was stirred with compassion, for young Cara, who was in search for love and acceptance, and how her desperate search lead to grief and sorrow and tragedy! I found I just wanted to take this young woman and comfort her! She was like a butterfly caught in a spiders web, unable to escape, and fly away to freedom! she was trapped, caught in a web too strong to break free from. I found it inspiring that she found help in God and leaned on Him, in every desperate time she needed too, and how He showed He was with her when she stood alone! It was heartening to see that she finally was able to make good her escape. The pages of this book will stir your heart, but encourage you that even though abusive relationships can seem impossible to break away from, things are subject to change! As Cara,finally did & found the love & happiness she was searching for!