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Bob Price, author
When there’s nowhere to turn because authority is corrupt what choice do any of us have? Leo Priest spent fifteen years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Worse, people knew he was innocent. Important people. Powerful people. People he trusted, respected. Discovering everything you believed in was an illusion is hard to take at the best of times. Doing so for a crime you did not commit, more so. As a former regular soldier with commendations for bravery in every war zone from Europe to the Middle East, he had followed the rule book to the letter. Commanded men and women through some of the toughest fighting British forces encountered in the 21st century. Then, seconded to bodyguard duties on home turf, no longer being on combat duties was a welcome relief, until he found himself betrayed. After his early release from prison for good behaviour he had a choice. Emigrate to the other side of the world or stay and hunt down the real killer. Was it really a no brainer?