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Elena Rand
Achievement Addiction DETOX
In Achievement Addiction DETOX, Elena Rand challenges our dangerous assumptions about the virtues of achievement at all costs and shows us how to create the successful life we deserve without killing ourselves. Rand’s 7 STEPs for Achievement Addiction DETOX will help you reclaim your life and redefine success on your terms by teaching you how to: • Identify your self-destructive Achievement Addicted habits • Recover from Achievement Amnesia and the Achievement Trance • Stop “The Chase” – the endless, toxic race for more achievement • End imposter syndrome and self-sabotaging achievement comparisons • Stop letting other’s approval define your self-worth • Reconnect with your true values, talents and passions Part memoir, part confessional and part-self-help guide, Achievement Addiction Detox is an eye-opening, paradigm-shifting tell-all exposé that paints a vivid picture of what Achievement Addiction looks like in the glimmering boardrooms of some of the most elite corporations and institutions in the world. In Achievement Addiction Detox, Rand invites you to listen in on her private coaching sessions, allowing you to witness Achievement Addiction Detox in real time. You won’t think about “Achievement” in the same way after reading this groundbreaking book