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Charles Bruckerhoff
Adelyn's Adventure on the Beach
Charles Bruckerhoff, author and publisher
In the third book of Adelyn's Adventures, a little girl travels in the summer with her grandparents to the Atlantic seacoast. They stay at a cottage in a secluded cove, with the sand and surf a short distance from their front porch. The little girl meets a host of marine creatures, some very small, some very large. She also meets birds and other land animals that live by the seacoast. She discovers the vastness of the oceans surrounding the earth's surface and the astonishing diversity of plant and animal life. The little girl's exploration of a beach in a small cove on the Atlantic Ocean helps her understand the creation, the beauty and the greatness of our world. She thinks about the God-given duty of all human beings to keep the earth fresh, clean and bountiful for all living and non-living things throughout time.
Bruckerhoff continues his lively Adelyn’s Adventure series with a dive into an Atlantic seaside vacation. When Adelyn and her grandparents pack up and head to the shore, they enter a vibrant world brimming with new life–and new thrills for the inquisitive Adelyn. Eager to explore her surroundings, and paired with her grandfather’s wicker basket and a shovel, Adelyn discovers the magic of the ocean through the eyes of amusing local animals, including a cheery Great Black-backed Gull who calls her a “flatlander” and offers a freshly harvested clam for a snack.

Though Adelyn is on the hunt for fun, she pays close attention to the critical need for ocean life along the way. She learns how nature recycles its resources and that seawater is the “soup of life,” supporting living organisms with rich minerals. Discovering the benefits of seawater is just the beginning, though, as Adelyn plunges into the full cycle of life by finding out about plankton crowding the ocean as a food source, land and sea animals fighting to survive each day, and barnacles that function as water filters. Even the more dangerous ocean creatures share their purpose, like a deadly jellyfish that doubles as a source of nutrition for turtles.

Adult readers will appreciate Bruckerhoff’s nods to safety—Adelyn’s grandmother advises her “never turn your back on the sea”—and the opportunity for youngsters to explore their own conservation roles when Adelyn works to free a baby humpback from a fishing net and cleans up trash on the beach. Similar to other titles in the series, Bruckerhoff emphasizes Christian beliefs among the playful lessons and draws parallels between the ocean’s power and the Biblical creation. Bruckerhoff’s elegant, cool-toned illustrations suggest the beauty of marine life, and the theme of personal responsibility to keep Earth healthy ripples through nearly every page of this informative tale.

Takeaway: The magnificence of ocean life and the need for conservation illuminate this story of a young girl exploring the seashore.

Great for fans of: Steve Jenkins’s Down, Down, Down, Erin Guendelsberger’s Inky the Octopus.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A