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Adi's World
Jo-Marie, author
Adi’s World \t\tTwo decades ago, a 14-year old student, named Lee, hated living inside of Maple Community so he left. The adults didn’t want others duplicating his dangerous exit, so Lee’s name is never mentioned. Now Adi lives inside this same tree. She and her best friend, Addy, are happy until Addy suddenly dies. The town bullies, Ayden and Jayden, add to Adi’s sorrow. In great emotional pain, Adi turns to her older friend, Michael for support. He gives her a journal as a way of sharing her life with her best friend. The next day brings a surprise. Arnie joins the class. He tries talking to Adi, but she runs away. Arnie follows her, a big mistake. He accidentally falls through a crack in the branch. His life is in danger! Adi saves him, and a friendship begins. After about a month, life is again good, except for the daily teasing by Ayden and Jayden. Then one day the school’s branch B shakes! The old, sealed crack mysteriously reopens. If it expands, the school could fall out! Town officials close the school, which is unacceptable to the students. Adi motivates her class to devise a secret plan. Adi and Arnie aren’t thrilled when the class bullies, Ayden and Jayden, are assigned to work with them. On the day the secret project is ready, Ayden and Jayden reveal their hidden agenda. Their plan is dangerous! Will they survive? Will the students close the crack and save their school? Will Adi become the leader her friends see in her? Who will help Adi?
Denniger Bolton

A Truly Unique Story

5.0 out of 5 stars      January 30, 2015      By Denniger Bolton on Goodreads & Amazon

     You know how we readers of fiction are always telling each other that there is nothing new under the sun? I’m here to tell you I’ve just read a truly unique story. Adi’s world is fantastical to us, but just as normal as can be to her and her friends and family who live and go to school, and shop, and play and sing and do all the things in their lives that we do in ours. Jo-Marie paints a wonderful picture of these little people, painted in shades of berry juice and maple syrup – oh yeah, they live in a maple tree. Don’t overlook this novel novel.

Michael Kastre

Praise for Adi’s World

Adi’s World is Uniquely Magical

5.0 out of 5 stars      October 25, 2014      By Michael F. Kastre on Goodreads & Amazon


     With her fresh prose, the author skillfully transports the reader to Maple Community where people very similar to us—except they are little—live inside a tree. This amazing book flows smoothly, capturing the imagination of the reader as she creates a fascinating world, one that is foreign, and yet familiar to us at the same time. This is a rich tale of life, relationships, and challenges as seen through the eyes of a young girl—who is gently guided by Michael, a kindly higher being in the background of the story.
     When the curiosity and will to explore by two raucous twins—who try to follow their uncle into the outside world—ends up threatening the entire community, Adi must rise to the occasion. Full of life’s lessons, she discovers the power within herself as she helps save the day. Along the way she learns to cope with the loss of a friend and discovers the healing power of a journal to capture and express one’s thoughts.
     In this delightful and entertaining story, author Jo-Marie has succeeded in developing a unique setting and story that will inspire young readers and help them understand that both teamwork and individual strength are important. They will discover how one’s actions affect everyone.
     It is well done and I highly recommend this book for young readers in grades 4 through 8, or younger with the help of an adult. I look forward to more adventures of Adi and her community and to sharing them with my 10 year old grandson. Escaping into the pages of wonderful book like this can be a fun adventure, especially when shared.


Readers' Favorites

Adi’s World Book Review 5 Stars

                Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Adi's World by Jo-Marie takes readers to the Maple Community where the people living there are similar to us. The only difference is that they live inside the branches and tree trunk and whatever they use is made from parts of the tree; the bark, the pulp, leaves and veins running through the tree. This is Adi's world but that changes one day when curiosity drives her to explore the world outside. The story takes readers along with Adi to new challenges and life's lessons where the importance of teamwork and one's individual strength is highlighted.

I enjoyed the story for many reasons. First of all, the plot is refreshingly original and highly imaginative, making readers dream, think and imagine. It also has a good message that focuses on the importance of relationships in one's life and also how to handle the challenges that are thrown at them. The author creates a set of fascinating and vibrant images for the people living in the tree, where readers see them painted in berry juice and maple syrup. The author's descriptions are wonderful and fluid, giving color, pace and movement to the story.

The book has many positive messages for readers which is one reason I would suggest everyone read this. Adi's magical world is unique, different and exciting as it takes readers to an entirely different space and scenario. The healing power of Michael's Journal is another layer in the plot that is inspirational to readers and also to Adi.