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Deek Rhew
After the Fall
Deek Rhew, author
Shai was created for one purpose: to die. 200 years after the fall of civilization, in a world warred to rubble, Shai and her fellow Recollectors—humans built by machines to serve machines—have carved out a simple, pleasant life in their Mazatlán oasis. One of love, surf, and kinship. Life is far from peaceful though. The Osiris AI controlling the machines is destabilizing, and Shai, with her upgraded genome, is the perfect sacrificial specimen they can use to patch it. To stop them and save the scant remains of humanity, Shai will have to turn the one thing the bots believe will be their salvation against them: her mind. The genetic epiphany the machines believe to be their salvation might just be the harbinger of their destruction. After the Fall is an edge-of-your-seat saga that is tenaciously intense but also intimately redefines what it means to be human. This first volume in the Recollector series is a shocking science-fiction thriller about life-altering choices, intertwined destinies, and how far one woman will go to defeat the very machines who created her.