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Nate Eckman
After Thought
Nate Eckman, author
AFTER THOUGHT is an electrifying and unforgettable dystopian thriller that imagines what society could look like after America’s second Civil War. In the wake of unspeakable violence, the United States adopts a technology to ensure everlasting peace. But one woman, Ada, uncovering her family’s redacted past and a surveillance company’s role in the war, pushes the nation to the brink of an even bloodier conflict. What follows is the immersive account of our heroine, who realizes that she’s more than a victim of the last Civil War; she is the arbiter of the first Neural War. Through this journey Ada struggles to comprehend fact from fiction. Her knowledge, though a heavy burden, ultimately empowers her to brave, world altering decisions. After Thought is a tale for our times, which confronts readers with conventions of censorship and punishment, the necessity and danger of free speech, and horror we may face as technologies become indistinguishable from humans.