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William X. Adams
Alien Dream Machine

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Alien Dream Machine (82,000 words, sci-fi), by William X. Adams Available online April 1, 2021. Contact for an ARC. Gunnar is a young Las Vegas PI who struggles with narcolepsy, falling asleep at unpredictable moments. He tracks down a man who cheats at casino dice, only to learn that the guy is an extraterrestrial. Phane, the gambler, begs Gunnar to help him. He and his family are hunted by gangsters who want his dice secret. Gunnar is charmed by the stranger and wants to help, but Phane becomes seriously wounded. Gunnar and his sleep doctor try a desperate plan to revive the dying alien using focused dreams. But do aliens dream? This is the third in the award-winning Phane series featuring Phane Vikos, extraterrestrial stranded on Earth. All books in the series explore the true final frontier: the human mind. See