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Susan Kraus
All God's Children
Susan Kraus, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

When therapist and mediator Grace McDonald returns to Kansas to be with her daughter and autistic grandson, she expects a tough adjustment. But what Grace cannot anticipate is being assignment the mediation case from hell. Not just about parental rights and custody, this case becomes a battle over a child's soul. Mike is a combat vet who was never told he had a son. Becca belongs to the gay-bashing, military funeral-picketing Westboro Baptist Church. David, 11 years old, is their child. All God's Children tackles polarizing social issues and makes them personal, Susan Kraus takes readers behind the closed doors of mediation and the locked gates of the WBC compound. Just when it seems that the families have settled into a new normal, a brutal assault leave everyone reeling and pushes Grace to uncover the truth. The second novel in the Grace McDonald Series, All God's Children explores the meaning of family, friendship, loyalty and love, while moving inexorably toward an "I-never-saw-it-coming" ending that will leave book groups arguing for weeks.