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Anne Morris
All's Fair in Love and War and Death
Anne Morris, author
Elizabeth Bennet discovered she had a particular sensitivity even though it came from grief. When people die, their souls are met by a departed loved one as an attendant to escort them across to the afterlife. It is possible for the living to follow the dead to the next world. When her mother dies, Elizabeth witnesses her grandmother escort her mother to the next world. When she is invited to London, Elizabeth meets two cousins: Colonel Fitzwilliam, and Mr. Darcy. While they both admire her, it is Darcy who captures her heart. But circumstances part the couple when she is unexpectedly called home. Fitzwilliam Darcy has spent many years enjoying the London Season when he meets a country miss from Hertfordshire--a place that has unpleasant memories for him as it’s where his father died. But her dark eyes, charm and bewilder him, and he finds himself falling in love. He is slow to declare himself, and Elizabeth escapes. Only after she is gone does he realize how besotted he is. Darcy pursues Elizabeth to claim her which leads Darcy, Elizabeth, and Colonel Fitzwilliam on an extraordinary journey through another world. Theirs is a love stronger than death in this reverse-roles retelling of Orpheus.