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All The Clues Are There: "...And The Earth Did Move"

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Publish)

Genre: Creative Non-Fiction "It'll knock your socks off!" Scott, controlling the podium's cockpit command module, interjected. Although his 87 year old grandfather, astrophysicist Doctor Thomas Charles Blackthorn, is resigning as chairman of Global Scientists' Symposium (GSS), he was going to make certain his final public appearance was unforgettable. Professor Blackthorn, or Old Jack to many, is championing the author's cause by revealing innumerable scientific discoveries unearthed over a period of nearly forty years of research. "What would happen," he iterated slowly, "if we were to discover," he stopped for effect, "that some of the original information from which all subsequent relative theorems were derived – was wrong?" That this new information "...will shock some of you" – is a certainty; that " may even rile some of you"– is a possibility. That history will need to be re-written – is the irrevocable truth!