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Ron Holland
All The Oceans
Ron Holland, author
All The Oceans, Designing by the seat of my pants: Ron Holland's memoir follows the trajectory of a small-town lad with a keen sense of adventure over all the oceans to an undiscovered world of super yacht design. “Just say yes!” Ron never let the fact it had not been done before get in his way. He started out racing small dinghies and went on to win races at an international level, sailing his own designs. The autobiographical story of how his combination of talent and zest for adventure attracted fascinating clients who shared his same fearlessness when charting unknown territory make this a compelling saga and an engaging tale of success in a new frontier.
Book Launch

All The Oceans, Designing by the seat of my pants, Ron Holland's memoir will publish spring 2018, distributed by Cardinal Publishers Group. USA Book Launch events will be announced in the coming weeks.