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Allow Me To Ruin Your Christmas
Freddy Cruz, author
Beckett Ramirez learned of his mother Natasha’s tryst with popular podcaster Lex Griffin the hard way. By catching them in a compromising position. Desperate to have the two men in her life meet under different circumstances, she arranges a meeting. That’s when Beckett learns the truth behind his father’s untimely Christmas Eve death more than ten years ago. Angered by this new revelation, Beckett seeks payback. And he begins with Lex’s wife and daughter. But just as he’s about to score his final act of revenge, another family secret is revealed. One that may drive Beckett over the edge. Freddy Cruz returns with his third novel, Allow Me to Ruin Your Christmas. Pick up your copy now, grab a mug of spiked eggnog, and prepare for holiday drama.