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Edward Webster
American Nonsensical
Nineteen years ago, a bizarre mother-son preaching team, Sarah and Jeff Lamb, disappeared. Now, in 2020, with the country in a Covid-19 panic and an election frenzy, Jake Christian goes missing. Jake’s hot wife, Hannah, asks detectives, Stan and Bud, to track him down. They aren’t first rate sleuths, and both have feelings about Hannah. She’s either lovely and caring or a manipulative bitch. They also have long-distance relationships with Donald Trump. One idolizes him. The other thinks he’s an American traitor. As the election nears, between arguments, the two men and their computer whiz, Melanie, piece things together. Meanwhile, there’s a body down in that mine pit, yet to be found. Could it be Jake? Wait! Is it one body or TWO? Make up your mind. Dead? … Alive? One? … Two? … Who?