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Amidst The Heavens: Stories of the Fantastic and Strange

Part I - Science-Fiction A lonely space miner with the antidote for a plague sweeping the galaxy must reach the last outpost-world before humanity becomes extinct. An alien creature experiences a terrifying vision of impending doom for her species. The cosmos sing a collective lament for a weeping star. Part II - Speculative A newly engaged couple are horrified to learn nuclear war is on the horizon. Two outlaws and a talking coyote encounter a mysterious stranger in tatters. A boy runs through the dark woods slaying monsters. A young girl in dystopian Hamilton meets an otherworldly entity at her window. A man is haunted by the memories of an old friend. In a small rural town, the dead have come back to life. Part III - Horror A little girl sets out on a mission to rescue her pet owl while a serial killer is loose in the area. A deranged killer writes a letter to the father of one of his victims. Part IV - Audio Drama In 1946 Romania, an heiress sees visions of disaster and the imminent subversion of the monarchy by the Soviets.