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Lynn Thompson
An Author's Guide to Literary Genres Volume 1

Adult; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

Quickly and easily locate the correct literary genre for your Juvenile Nonfiction book with this handy guide, which includes information on: •\tOfficial BISACs and codes from the Book Industry Study Group, updated through 2022 •\tDefinitions for each BISAC describing the types of books found in it •\tA count of ISBNs available at wholesale within each BISAC •\tSample book titles in production for each BISAC •\tA Topic Index that shows options for different BISACs depending on the book's focus •\tBasic information on other book classification systems such as Bowker, Dewey, Library of Congress, Amazon, and Goodreads Whether you're a self-published author or a professional working in the book industry, this book will become an often-consulted guide on your bookshelf. Future volumes will address Young Adult (Teen) Nonfiction, all the regular (adult) nonfiction genres, and the same breakdown of fiction genres.