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Nicholas Richard
An Empty Scabbard

The days are numbered for the Great City of Aegydria. Once the centre of the known world, its cataclysmic end will leave no trace of its existence. It will become a mystery that future historians will be desperate to solve. Their only clues: the old stories told as myths. Stories of legendary heroes rising from the chaos to battle unspeakable evil. This is the story of those legends, and of what really happened to the Great City. Dyn, an idealistic Aelfen poet, sits alone in a dark cell waiting to be executed. He wanted to find his one true love, like those in the songs of the bards. He thought he found it in Esha, a human woman he met in a tavern back home. The next morning, she was gone, but Dyn knew she was traveling to Aegydria. His plan was simple: find her and profess his love. The plan was quickly derailed as he was wholly unprepared for travel. Broke and starving, he tried to swipe some bread in a small village only to be quickly caught, beaten, and sentenced to hang. What Dyn did not know was that he was about to be pulled into a series of events that would alter the world. War was about to sweep across the land and evil forces were moving into positions of power. Everything was about to change. So begins the Fall of Aegydria….