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Sherman P. Bastarache
An Erotic Phenotype

Adult; Science, Nature, Technology; (Market)

What does the female capacity of having multiple orgasms have to do with reproduction? What part does hidden ovulation play in the formation of erotic relationships? Does natural selection create pleasure—make sex fun—to trick us into reproducing? Being in love requires you to be physical. It requires you to be emotional. It requires you to be mindful. To exist as an erotic phenotype. Eros, commonly called Romantic Love, is more than just emotion. We have an entangled ménage à trois of sensations happening in our bodies and brains. It is the total of our entangled sensations that drive us to this insanity—that thing we call love.
Literary Titan

Bastarache also argues on the mind-body connection that leads to attraction and arousal. An Erotic Phenotype provides highly insightful information on sex, the necessity of orgasm, both male and female, different types of sexual attractions, and other sex-related occurrences. It is delightful because although it is very scientific information, it is written in a simple way to understand and follow.


Reader Views

“An Erotic Phenotype” is a deep take on one author’s understanding of the science and development of female and male as it relates to sexual arousal. Chapter by chapter Bastarache takes readers deeply into one topic at a time as he seeks to break down the interaction of sex and its environment. Chapter one dives right into the topic of orgasms, including an interesting description of how female and male genitalia form the ejaculate process. From there, readers are thrust into feelings, body mapping, hormones, the brain, genes, and so much more. As a female, I learned so much about my own body and desires as well as that of my male counterpart. 

Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (11/2022)

Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

If you are looking for a detailed, deeply insightful read about the female reproductive system, Sherman P Bastarache’s An Erotic Phenotype is a must-read for you. Bastarache exhibits his knowledge and understanding of the subject of the female reproductive system with the use of his unique style of writing. He captures his ideas in an intensive yet perceivable way, using an appropriate and sophisticated choice of words. Bastarache approaches his ideas open-mindedly, dismissing or affirming both the new and existing knowledge on the subject. He exhaustively discusses his ideas, backing them with statistical and scientific data he also uses for elaboration. He graces his discourse with occasional quotes, which were very relevant and educative. I learned a lot and I am more than pleased that I chose to read Sherman P Bastarache’s An Erotic Phenotype.

Reviewed by Keith Mbuya for Readers' Favorite

Self-Publishing Review

On balance, the book’s fine-combed detail will delight those readers interested in exploring the possibilities of their bodies. An Erotic Phenotype is a potentially life-changing book for men and women, both in the bedroom and outside it, which makes for essential reading.