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Lori Hart Beninger
An Ordinary Tragedy

How could this happen?

Scott Hart was a handsome, intelligent, talented boy – and a convicted felon by the age of eighteen.

Where did we go wrong?

The question every parent asks themselves when the child they love goes astray.


An Ordinary Tragedy is one woman’s quest to unlock the mystery behind her brother’s life of escalating crime and depravity.

From the intimate perspective of eldest sibling, Lori Hart Beninger explores the dynamics of her perfect All-American Family and the secrets they kept. An Ordinary Tragedy is the true story of one family’s love and despair for nearly three decades in California – from the middle 1950s to early 1980s.

With a lifetime of memories, an abiding interest in child psychology, and generous input from family members and her brother’s closest friends, Ms. Beninger offers a personal perspective on her ordinary family’s greatest sorrow.