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Ancient scholars about the Turks and the Turkic nations vol 1
A Sanducci, author
Primarily based on the genetic findings, backed by the archeological, historical, linguistic facts and testimonies of the ancient scholars, historians, and geographers, this work brings a fresh perspective into a stagnated view of the Turkic nations and their past. This book has 2 volumes. The first volume reveals breaking new evidence about the biblical origins of the Turkic nations who were related to the ancient Akkadians, Sumerians. The book unshrouds the Turkic pedigree of the Germanic nations, the natives of Media, and the Scythians. The deciphered cuneiforms of the Behistun inscription in Persia, along with their detailed lexico-grammatical analysis shed light on the revolutionary facts about the Turkic origin of the Medes and their language. A large portion of this volume is devoted to the Scythians and most of their derivative tribes, including those located in Scythia and beyond, such as the As, Turkai, Sacai, Parthians, Bactrians, Huns, Sarmats, Getai, Celtic, Iberian, Gallic, Germanic, and Thracian tribes.