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Kati Kirsten
And So It Begins
Kati Kirsten, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Create)

A year later and Amity Thorne is still struggling to let things go. She should be using the rage to drive her, but instead the Guardianship has needled into her heart, leaving her anger to turn inward. Reeling from her past, Amity is compelled to do what's necessary to protect those around her. ​ After ending up in the same facility as her sister, Amity learns of the depravity weaved within the Reaver's psyche—and worse, the darkness that creeps behind every corner of her own. Waging wars within the mind comes at a cost, and it's one Amity may not be able to afford. How long will she be able to fight before her guilt completely consumes her? ​ Lucas Warin was never afraid of anything—not even Death—until he met Amity. Despite always facing the unknown head on, Luke struggles to trust his feelings and the lack of control that comes with them. When M is stuck in a place he tried so desperately to keep her away from, the same powerlessness he's felt before floods him once again. ​ Tasked with keeping Sarge safe, Luke must risk everything to not break his promise; juggling survival and keeping his word proves more difficult with each passing day. As the Guardianship closes in, Luke is torn between his own will to stay and Amity's demands to leave. But if he takes off to Creyke Point, is he choosing to give up on her, or is he finally choosing to do the right thing?