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Madeleine de Jean
and the Stars began to Fall
When a Bronze Age figurine starts talking to Mycenae Archaeologist, Margaret Benson, warning her of her own imminent death and the re-destruction of this site, Margaret finds herself morphing in and out of a permeable timeline, uncovering Bronze Age Aliens joined to a Curse of Clytemnestra set to go off tomorrow. Margaret’s most unique discovery, this 3200-hundred-year-old figurine, found in the ruins of King Agamemnon’s palace, reveals a far-advanced Bronze Age society of enlightened humans who lived in a world of sciences and technologies, where humanitarianism guided the uses of atomic energy and where kingdoms existed for equality and well-being of all within the confederation. Will Margaret be able to remove the blinders of this 21st Century in time to believe that what she hears from this tiny clay figurine is in fact a reality, warning her of an ancient curse about to presently erupt, in time to turn the key, open the doors, and save some real 3200-hundred-year-old Girls? And herself?