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Hope Flansburg
Angel Kisses
Happily Ever After is not for the Faint of Heart Somewhere in the shadows of regret and despair, magic stirs up a hope that allows a second chance at life and love. Suffering and mistakes do not have to be our weakness. Instead, they can be our teachers. As a child, Desiree was fascinated by God, Angels, and the power of faith. Years later when tragedy strikes, she quickly learns there is no angelic hero for her. Drowning with a bitter heart, a broken soul, and a shattered mind, Desiree isolates from everyone and everything except her children. After a breakdown leaves her embarrassed by her behavior, healing begins. An encounter with a helpful stranger establishes new friendships, and through the eyes of a child, mysterious messages begin to appear reminding Desiree that faith is not always seen. Could divine miracles be playing a role in restoring Desiree’s belief in love after heartache? Deeply emotional and inspirational, Angel Kisses is a romantic, spiritual novel about the ability to walk through the darkness of the grieving process. Hope Flansburg captivates readers by shedding light on the complex issues of family and relationships while continuing to instill hope and healing in unconditional love.