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Angler In Darkness

EDWARD M. ERDELAC, Author of Andersonville, Monstrumführer, The Van Helsing Papers, and The Merkabah Rider series presents his first collection of short fiction, spanning nearly a decade of fishing in the sunless depths of the imagination, some brought to light here for the first time.

A frontiersman of bizarre pedigree is peculiarly suited to tracking down a group of creatures rampaging across the settlements of the Texas Hill Country…..

A great white hunter is shaken to his core by a quarry he cannot conceive of….

A bullied inner city kid finds the power to strike back against his tormentors and finds he can’t stop using it….

Outraged plumbing plots its revenge….

Here Blackfoot Indians hunt the undead, the fate of nations is decided by colossal monsters, a salaryman learns the price of abandoning his down life, and even the Angel of Death tells his story.



Erdelac’s first collection of 15 reprints and three previously unpublished stories runs the gamut of monster mayhem and historical weirdness, with plenty of gore to satisfy horror aficionados. “Bigfoot Walsh,” inspired by real-life Texas Ranger Bigfoot Wallace, is about a ranger of unusual parentage who seeks to vanquish the terrifying creatures slaughtering settlers and stealing women and children. In the epic “A Haunt of Jackels,” a Nazi hunter, in the clutches of the mad scientist he was sent to capture, watches as giant, rampaging abominations stampede through Jerusalem. The lean but effective “The Better to See You” is an oddly lovely story about a little girl and her grandmother. In “Crocodile,” a young woman sees escape in a very strange young man. Erdelac (Andersonville) has a gift for inspiring fascination with whatever era he chooses to write about, especially the Wild West, where he shines. This entertaining and varied collection, enhanced by the author’s story prefaces, will appeal to a wide variety of horror readers. (BookLife)