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Mary Frame
Another Fox Bites the Dust
Mary Frame, author
She’s sworn off dating musicians. She wasn’t expecting him to rock her world. Mindy Fox is sick of drama. After being dumped by her rockstar boyfriend and losing her record label job in one scandalous swoop, the betrayed A&R talent seeker decides to strike out on her own. And when she hears an audio clip from a struggling songwriter, the former music mogul believes she’s found her first artist in the handsome crooner. Luke Fletcher hides his paralyzing anxiety behind a charming exterior. But guilt is a constant companion when he conceals his crippling stage fright from the gorgeous entrepreneur who’s giving him a shot at making it big. And if that wasn’t distraction enough, the easy-going guitar player quickly realizes he’s got chart-topping chemistry with the dark-eyed beauty. Pulled out of her workaholic world by the onslaught of intense family strife, Mindy struggles to stop a feud with her sister from poisoning the fledgling project. And while Luke comes clean about his hang-ups, he fears his attraction to the off-limits woman has become a forbidden refrain. Can they recompose their future into a delightful duet?
Frame sparkles in her third Fox Family romance (after The Fox and the Rebound). Rebel Records music talent scout Mindy Fox has it all. But when her country superstar boyfriend Blake Bonham decides to go back to his estranged wife, the industry drops Mindy like a hot potato. Blacklisted from the biz, Mindy decides to start her own label and signs up-and-coming singer-songwriter Luke Fletcher, who gave up his career as a physician to make a go of his music. To save money, they head to the campground run by Mindy’s family to record. There, Mindy is forced to deal with a festering wound involving her younger sister, Taylor. Despite Luke’s anxiety about his career change and Mindy’s familial friction, the pair are immediately attracted to each other—but Frame makes readers wait for the romantic pay off, skillfully ratcheting up the sexual tension until it boils over. Frame sensitively handles a number of issues in the characters’ backstories, including suicide and alcohol abuse, and leavens the darker moments with sweetness and laughter. This solid contemporary will have wide appeal. (Self-published)