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marcia radler
Author, Editor (anthology)
Another Kind of Love
Seventy-six-year-old Henry Silverman loads up on his fountain of youth (Viagra), and prepares to audition as many applicants as humanly possible in this romantic novel that deals with love's many faces. It follows complicated relationships between couples and family members...with a dark secret beneath the surface. Humor, sadness and sensitivity color the various love stories and will carry fans of the genre through to the book's surprising conclusion.
Developer of all of New Haven downtown, Ct.

After a couple of chapters, my anxiety turned to interest and I was compelled to plunge into an all-night marathon of reading...not a normal occurrence.  ANOTHER KIND OF LOVE excels on two levels.  First, it is a source of entertainment combined with unusual happenings about the elderly in a Florida community.  Second, it is a stark reminder that life doesn't slow down with advancing age.  Older people, if they wish to stay active and swim in the pool of life, are going to encounter waves of challenges proportionate to those they have faced all their lives.  Yes, engaged life is always complex and difficult no matter how old they are, particularly in this technological age where scams are just a click away.  Excellent book for the elderly as well as for children who have a tendency to assume that what their parents do is no longer of any importance.  That myth is quickly dispelled within the pages of ANOTHER KIND OF LOVE.