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Another Time in a Vacuum
Another TIME in a VACUUM… …follows the adventures of a young historian who travels back in time, illegally, to 1673 and meets up with two outstanding historical figures, Samuel Pepys (pronounced ‘peeps’) and Sir Isaac Newton, a most improbable trio. He brings them to the twenty-first century with all of the attendant issues that must ferment in such a peculiar brew. Humour, adventure, mystery, suspense, science fiction and romance all roll into one to create a casserole of whimsical entertaining diversion. Sometimes sad and sometimes violent but for the most part Another Time in a Vacuum is a light-hearted and humorous adventure in time.
Dave, Ohio

I have known this man for years.  He has been in and out and up and down but he always had a story to tell and it finally found its way to these pages.  Another Time in a Vacuum will take you back but I shan't say more lest I give it away.

I was privileged to read the book as it was being written and it riveted me at every turn.  I was left wanting more; I had to wait for the next installment.  But you get to have the finished work so you don't have to wait nor put the book down; you can turn those pages until your fingers get tired, and I know you will!

You’ll just have to read it to get the rest.

A friend to the end!