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Anzu: The Anye Legacy - Book 1
John Dyer, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

The Anye race is dying: A fading sun, a declining population and a fragmented confederacy are collectively signaling the end of an advanced civilization. Rivan Saraf is tapped-out as a military first responder, too much the enlisted man to be an officer, and reluctantly schooled as a physicist. When a discovery at a high-energy research lab puts him on the run from agents of a foreign power, Rivan must lead a technological revolution that could save his race from extinction. The Anye Legacy series honors the visionary traditions of hard science fiction. Influenced by screenwriter Joss Whedon's finesse at wrapping the fantastic in the mundane (Firefly, The Avengers), and cyberpunk pioneer William Gibson's holographic narrative style (Spook Country, Snow Crash), John Dyer tells a provocative story about a society confronting the apparent winter of its existence.